Friday, November 20, 2009

Two MuSool Black Belts Make the USA TaeKwonDo Magazine.

Not one but two MuSool Black Belts made it into the fall 2009 issue of the USA TaeKwonDo News Magazine.

First, Instructor Jackie Lauricella made the first U-24 National TaeKwonDo Team and will be traveling abroad next year to compete internationally. The Magazine had a question and answer session with the new team. Instructor Jackie will also be in the sports section of the Daytona Beach News Journal on December 1st.

Master Chuck Moore also made it into the issue for attending a Referee Development Camp that was held in August at the Olympic Training Center.
Of course MuSool Academy will have a copy of the magazine in the parent’s room at MuSool Academy.

Black Friday Discounts on Gear and such.

MuSool Academy will be offering 20% off all uniforms, gear, and merchandise and 10% off of MuSool t-shirts on Black Friday (November 27th). The Academy will be open from 4pm to 530pm for parents and students to come in and order gear. If you would like a catalog emailed to you please request one by returning this email.

All yellow belts and above need to consider getting their gear. Gear packages start at $149.95 but Black Friday Discount with the $20.00 discount you can get yours for under $120.00.

Monday, November 16, 2009

MuSool Academy Holds Color Belt Testing.

MuSool Academy Port Orange hosted a MuSool HapKido/TaeKwonDo Color Belt Testing and MATTs Check on Saturday, November 14th.

Students from MuSool Jacksonville also tested. Here is a list of students that tested and passed for their next rank.

Kylie Payne Yellow TaeKwonDo Port Orange
Dawn Wicklund Yellow HapKiDo Port Orange
David Bush Yellow HapKiDo Port Orange
Shelbert Creech IV High Yellow TaeKwonDo Port Orange
Andrew Lenois High Yellow TaeKwonDo Port Orange
Samantha Babiez High Yellow TaeKwonDo Port Orange
Stephen Ruvolo Orange TaeKwonDo Jacksonville
Becky Helms High Orange TaeKwonDo Jacksonville
Joe Ward High Orange HapKiDo Port Orange
Stephanie Stanton Blue TaeKwonDo Jacksonville
Austin O’Rourke High Blue TaeKwonDo Port Orange
Gabriel Mitchell Red TaeKwonDo Port Orange
Ashlyn Belcher Red TaeKwonDo Port Orange
Aiden Charnock High Red TaeKwonDo Port Orange
Isabelle Kiester MATTs Check TaeKwonDo Port Orange

A special thanks to the MuSool Black Belts that attended the event; Shelbert Creech, Brian Stanton, Allana Creech, Leila Klemm, David Hammacher, Peggy Shavers, Aymee Fremont and Jesse Midyette.

Congratulations to a job well done. The next testing is scheduled for January 16th, 2010. Train hard!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Schedule for Saturday's Testing.

Saturday, November 14th MuSool Academy will be holding a color belt testing and MATTs Candidate check. This week students that are potentially ready for the testing will be given Testing Application and Permission Sheets. Each student must have their parents and school teachers sign off on the sheet and testing fees must be turned in on Friday, November 13th.

Following the Belt promotions there will be a short break (30 minutes or so) and then MuSool Master Instructors Shelby Creech and Brian Stanton will present a Mixed MuSool HapKiDo and TaeKwonDo Class open to anyone over the age of 12 that wants to try. This class will be free of charge and open to beginners as well as advanced students. Below is a tentative schedule for the events.

930am: MuSool Academy opens its doors for warm up.

10am: Mini-MuSool Testing and belt promotions. Any student under the age of 7 may test at this time.

1030am: MuSool Testing. All TaeKwonDo and HapKiDo students that are testing may test at this time.

1230pm: Break

1pm: Mixed MuSool HapKiDo and TaeKwonDo Class open to anyone 12 and older.

MuSool Academy is taking orders for the Holiday's

MuSool Academy can help you find that perfect gift for your martial artist. Contact Shelby Creech at 386.322.0508 or to get the gift that your little martial arts student needs and wants.